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Cue the crazy cat lady jokes. For every awful cat lady joke, there’s now a collection of accompanying cat t-shirts to honour it.

Whether you’re a kitty lover or a hater (we all take our lives into our own hands), there’s a Threadheads shirt just waiting to join your lineup of must-wear weekend attire.

Fur Real Graphic Tees

As any cat enthusiast will tell you, those little killers do their own thing. There’s no treating them like a dog and expecting them to act accordingly. Enter cat t-shirts for those moments you want to show your love for all things feline.

And whatever your bodily proportions, we’ve got a furmidable array of adult’s sizes all the way from XS to 4XL (and kids sizing too). A range of colours will have you dreaming of the pawsabilities!

Funny Cat T-Shirts for Everybody

Not sure which one to pick? How about the Sushi Meowster jedi cat sitting in total zen about to enjoy his fresh catch of the day? Or, for keeping it real, how about the designs that epitomise a true cat’s attitude, Zero Fu*cks Given with a strutting cat smashing down a cold frothy?

Order Your Cat Shirts Today

Whether you’re looking for cute baby kitty graphics or just flat-out funny cat t-shirts, Threadheads has a one for every feline friend and foe. Simply put, they’re pawtastic. Is that enough pawful cat puns? Purrhaps...