Funny T-Shirts

They say laughter is the best medicine. I don’t know who they are, but clearly they haven’t heard of penicillin – or the Threadheads funny tees collection.

Who are we? We’re a bunch of outrageously handsome creatives. Besides the dashing good-looks, the talent doesn’t stop there…

Here’s How We Cook Up Funny As Hell Shirts

Essentially, we sit around a Blackjack table each Monday. It’s not that we like Blackjack. We’re not even gamblers. We just firmly believe that sitting in a semicircle is better for productivity.

From there, our in-house design team tries to think of hilarious, quirky, humorous and cheeky shirt designs. It doesn’t always come off. In fact, we used to design the funniest t-shirts on the internet. We still do, but we used to, as well.

Following so far? Humour is like our bread and butter, basically. Unless you’re a vegan. Don’t worry — no animals were harmed in the making of our tees.

Creatives Getting Well...Creative

Of course, it would be completely remiss of us to overlook the League of Extraordinary Artists. These are the artistic Jedis we collaborate with, often hailing from lands foreign (ah, the affordances of 21st century technology).

They too are masters in the dark arts of funny t-shirts & apparel. Without them our funny collection would probably be 50% less funny. We’d also be 50% more likely to go out of business. No doubt that’s where the laughing would stop. Gosh, this got dark quickly.

The Greatest Funny Shirts Collection

Anyhoo, hopefully now you get the picture. To sum up: In-house talent mixed with faraway freelancers churning out funny designs like it’s a sausage factory.

We print them on premium, ethically sourced garments because we’re a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. Despite Woodstock ending 50-odd years ago, we still embody that free love attitude, reflected in our multitude of sizes ranging from little humans all the way up to big humans.

Men’s Shirts, Women’s Shirts, Shipped Worldwide

From there, and with the passage of time, you get your hilarious threads. No matter where on the globe you hide out, we will find you and we will ship to you.

Wear them, enjoy them and probably don’t show them to your grandma (unless she’s a deviant, in which case we love that).

Threadheads, Creative T-Shirt Makers to Give You a Laugh

Whether you need gifts for your deranged cousin or a style for your even more deranged boss, we’ve got a hilarious shirt to fit the bill. Find a funny graphic tee that makes you smile and get ordering.