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There’s something distinctly disarming about donning a graphic tee—especially a Threadheads graphic tee. It’s wonderful, but we’d struggle to explain the euphoria in words.
If we were going to equate it to something, it would be the same feeling you get when you see a 7 ft 1 in Shaquille O’Neal grasping a regular-sized water bottle with his ginormous hands. Weirdly disarming, funny, and cute. All at once.

The moment that changed everything. The moment that sparked our love of Graphic Tees.

Certain moments in life bring us sheer joy. We look back on them fondly when we've had a tough time to remind us that life isn’t always a dumpster fire.
Maybe it’s that time you discovered hummus. Or perhaps it was the day that Samantha—your fifth-grade crush—told you that she didn’t want to just hold hands anymore, but she wanted to swap boogers, too. (Sammy, if you’re reading this, I miss you. Shut up. You’re crying. I’m not crying.)
At Threadheads, there was one moment in history that would forever change our perspective of clothing. And that would eventually reignite our love of the graphic t-shirt. Now, we know what you’re thinking. It’s the day they invented the hoodie back in the 1930s. You’re wrong. And you probably weren't thinking that.
It was the day Lady Gaga wore a dress made of raw beef—the meat dress—to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010. When we saw that, we had two reactions:
  1. We drove to the local supermarket, bought a truckload of meat, and had a giant barbecue. It felt right. It felt special.
  2. If Lady Gaga can wear a dress out of raw meat and get away with it, we could probably print illustrations of toast fornicating on a white graphic tee and tacos fornicating on a red graphic tee and get away with it. And by golly, we have.
This was the moment that changed everything for us. The possibilities seemed infinite, and the opportunities seemed boundless. There was so much potential in this humble graphic t-shirt.

We could be as radical as we wanted and still not be as ridiculous as Lady Gaga in a meat dress. We could print funny designs, geeky designs, anime designs on white graphic tees, black graphic tees, and even red graphic tees. We could change the world with our toilet humour and get away with it.

Is this all complete nonsense? Maybe. But who are we to tell you what to believe?

Threadheads for President, Prime Minister, or at least your Local Government Member

When we started Threadheads we had one goal in mind.
You could call it our vision.
Our ikigai.
Our dream.
Our raison d'être.
It was that thing we wrote on some toilet paper while unloading a divine concoction of chilli con carne, protein yoghurt, maple syrup, jujubes, and lychee vodka.
You’d think it was to become the pre-eminent graphic tee store on the internet. But, unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Sure, that’s where we’re headed now. But back then, things were different.
Our goal was simple. It was to find a way to get our grandmas (and their knitting club) to head to high tea wearing this pineapple slut graphic t-shirt.
Why? Well. Is there anything funnier than seeing a gaggle of geriatric grannies rocking a wildly inappropriate graphic tee to a regal afternoon affair? Nope. I mean, could you imagine? If I saw that, I would be spouting English breakfast tea all over the scones.

Jokes aside. Threadheads are renegades, revolutionaries, and game-changers.

All jokes aside, Threadheads is on a mission to take over the graphic t-shirt industry. We’re bent on providing exclusive designs by world-class designers on premium garments. You won’t get faded, flaky prints at Threadheads. You’ll get the funniest, most bohemian designs ever.
What’s more, Threadheads tees are premium. And when we say premium, we really mean it. They’re ethically sourced and made by the best garment manufacturers in the game. Think comfy. Think soft. Think getting a dozen clouds strapped across your torso and running into an alleyway filled with feather dusters.
So, Threadheads graphic tees are the ultimate form of self-expression. We might be biassed, but name another graphic t-shirt brand that has a FAQ page like ours. We dare you.

The biggest, darkest, dirtiest rumours about Threadheads

To cap things off, we’d like to share a few rumours about Threadheads. It seems that to establish yourself as a luminary in business or life—a household name if you will—you must be the subject of rumours.
Nicolas Cage is apparently a time-travelling vampire.
Keanu Reeves is apparently immortal.
Tom Cruise is apparently an alien.
(Nicolas, Keanu, and Tom. If you’re reading this, don’t sue us. Have you heard of jokes?)
We confirm that these are rumours. And anyone in their right mind would not believe these rumours (except our HR manager Janice). Janice loves a conspiracy. She still thinks the earth is flat and that climate change is a type of iPhone app. Here goes:
  1. Over the years, Threadheads has slowly acquired a group of squirrel monkeys—each expertly trained at direct-to-garment printing. Our troop of monkeys are shepherded by our head monkey, Dorito Eduardo Headthread, and each monkey hand prints each tee with its tiny little fingers.
  2. We keep our independent artists in a locked basement at our headquarters and feed them crayons to ensure they’re always thinking colourfully.
  3. Threadheads is actually an illegal front for selling genetically modified unicorns, which are really just zebras that we’ve spray painted.
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