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Spyro the Dragon JP Hoodie
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Spyro Feel the Burn Hoodie
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Spyro Toasting Since 98 Hoodie
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Spyro Born to Glide Hoodie
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Spyro Character Hoodie
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Have you ever looked at a homeless guy’s jacket and thought about stealing it? Maybe that time you hurtled out the door to work, forgetting your hoodie, only to be stung by a frosty gust?
We bet that tattered windbreaker looked tantalising. Didn’t it? Go on—admit it. It's a safe space.
You knew it was the wrong thing to do, but it just looked sooo toasty. You probably imagined yourself tiptoeing over, the sound of your movements muffled by the flood of peak-hour honks and chatter. You probably even pictured yourself throwing on that warm, smelly, and slightly stained jacket.
Next time, maybe, just maybe, branch out and add a few extra hoodies to your arsenal. And leave one at the office. We’ve got a few. Well, not a few—we’ve got thousands of designs.

Hoodies — The Hero You Always Needed

Hoodies will be en vogue forever. But did you know that hoodies have been around for less than a century? While we’d love to take credit for this life-changing garment, we must give credit where credit’s due.
This hero started its journey from modest beginnings. This hero was created to help New York workers brave the frosty weather in the 1930s. This hero was the one we always needed. But we’re not going to tell you who created the hoodie because, well, what sort of shoddy marketing tactic is that?
Hoodies are now worn by humans and celebrities alike. Kim Kardashian. Justin Bieber. Hoodie Allen. Yes, there’s a rapper named Hoodie Allen. And yes, there’s a photo of him wearing a hoodie. And yes, we might print a hoodie on a hoodie and send it out to him. Hehehe.

The Burglar’s Choice — There’s a Threadheads Hoodie for Everyone

We don’t condone theft. Unless, of course, you’re stealing hoodies from one of our competitors, throwing them in a vat of koala ejaculate, battering them up in a tureen filled with flour and dried-up poop, and feeding them to your worst enemy. In which case, thank you. You’re doing God’s work.
On a more serious note—if (hypothetically) a burglar was robbing a house at 8.00 pm and heading to a concert at midnight, we think that they’d probably choose a Threadheads hoodie. Why?
Well, if you’re creative (which we know you are), this black Steven Rhodes hoodie is effectively two hoodies in one. Turn it inside out for a stealthy, print-less look. You know, for all that burgling you’ll be doing. And turn it right side out before you head to the club and start sinking buttery nipple shots.
Also, Threadheads hoodies are just pretty special. They’re premium quality, ethically sourced, and contain a carefully calculated 80:20 ratio of cotton and polyester fleece. A smorgasbord of sizes from XS to 3XL means you can style them any way you like - nice and huggy or oversized. And let’s not forget that there are all sorts of designs. Think funny. Think geeky. Think anime.

Thousands of Cool Hoodie Designs For Cool Weather. Dun-dun-dun.

We don’t know why we added the dun-dun-dun. It just sounded funny and cute. Oops.
Do you know what’s even cooler about buying our cool hoodies online because you’re cool and being cool is cool? Our genetically-enhanced team of coffee-fuelled cyborgs print phenomenal designs onto them daily using the latest in digital printing methods. So, whenever you purchase our cool hoodies, you’re essentially sending arabica sales through the roof. Congrats! You should be proud of yourself.