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Did anyone else’s older sibling tell them that NASA stood for the National Acrobatic Salami Association? We spent a good few weeks trying to figure out why they sent acrobatic salamis to space in 1969. Hot tip: They didn’t.
Are you a space nerd who loves exploring all things in Uranus? Well. You’re in the right place, space cadet. You can now join the mission to the Threadheads galaxy with official mission-control approved NASA merch.

NASA shirts are good for exploring Uranus. Launch these jokes into Uranus.

Do you love probing Uranus while wearing your favourite NASA merch? Do you tell everyone that Uranus is huge (also while sporting a NASA long-sleeve shirt)?
Consider this the siren call for all you wannabe astronauts. You could probe our Threadheads galaxy of stellar NASA t-shirts, NASA hoodies, and NASA long-sleeve shirts right now. And you could score a seat on our NASA rocket ship.
But before you start probing dark holes, please peruse our perfectly curated selection of Uranus jokes.
  1. Uranus has more gas than a flatulent Hannibal Lecter switching to a diet of baked beans and brussels sprouts.
  2. We sent a picture of Uranus to your grandma. She couldn’t believe how big it was. (She also told us that she misses you. Tsk. Tsk.)
  3. NASA can see your Uranus from here. And it’s looking juicy, pal.
  4. If Uranus could talk, we bet it would tell us some pretty shitty stories.
Come probe oUranus. (Oh, and our white NASA hoodies and black NASA hoodies - approved by Mission Control.)

Out-of-this-world NASA Shirts for Wannabe Astronauts

At Threadheads, we pride ourselves on learning about the wants and needs of our Threadheadsters. We want to know what pushes your buttons. We want to know what makes you click. We want to know why you fold instead of scrunch.
Occasionally, we’ll chain our copywriting heavyweight to his desk and force him to pore over every review we’ve ever received. Why? He’s into BDSM. (This is extra funny because he’s actually writing this in the third person. If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?)
Okay, no, seriously. We ask him to have a geez at our reviews to figure out what you like about particular products, like this NASA shirt, this NASA hoodie, or even these NASA stickers. Based on our rigorous research, we’ve discovered a few things.
Obviously, you love our Threadheads NASA shirts. You love them because of the ‘vivid colours on the high-quality prints’, ‘quality fabric’, ‘great cut and fit’, and just feeling fabulous when you wear them. After all, these NASA shirts are made for the little space cadet in all of us. Here are the other things we’ve discovered:
  1. NASA hoodies are a cracking gift for Father's Day. Apparently, there is a whole troop of fathers who saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon and thought: ‘Ugh, that could’ve been me.
  2. Wannabe Astronauts buying NASA merch come in all shapes and sizes. There are kids, teenagers, and adults—that’s basically every possible category. We’re still working on branching out and creating NASA t-shirts for goblin sharks, but we’ll get back to you.
  3. Our NASA-shirt fans love to overuse the pun ‘out of this world’ when describing our NASA sweaters. You really need to spend a few more moon-utes and planet your puns. We recommend listening to some Nep-tunes. C'mon. Make the comet-ment.
So, are you a wannabe astronaut, too? ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ‘Out of this world! Very happy wannabe astronaut!’ - J.B.
Listen to J.B. Head to the moon while sinking into the couch. Eyeball our out-of-this-world NASA t-shirts, NASA sweaters, and more.

It’s time to cook some meatballs in your NASA merch

Before you we let you depart on your mission to the moon, it’s our moral duty to equip our Threadheads space cadets with enough NASA and space facts to enthuse any extraterrestrials. Honestly, they’ll probably be impressed by your uber-comfy, extra-premium white NASA hoodie or your black NASA hoodie, but we need to find some way to get the word count up.
  1. The NASA logos have nicknames. The round one is called the meatball (duh, obviously). And the other one is called the worm.
  2. NASA does not stand for National Acrobatic Salami Association. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  3. Saturn is less dense than water. Apparently, if we built a bathtub big enough, it would float in it.
  4. Venus is so hot that a 40-degree day in Australia feels like snow season. The average temperature on Venus exceeds 480°C.
  5. NASA has been around since 1958, which makes you old. Sorry, not sorry.
What are you waiting for? Explore our galaxy of NASA t-shirts, NASA hoodies, and more.
If you’ve read all of this, and you don’t actually want NASA shirts, maybe head over here and probe our funny t-shirts.