Animal T-Shirts

Showcase your love for the wild and wooly with our collection of animal t-shirts!

Animals are so much better than humans, aren’t they? You never have to wonder where you stand with them. If they like you, you’ll know it - and if they don’t, they’ll either avoid you or try to rip your head off. Refreshingly straightforward! So much easier than trying to tell if your date’s into you or if they’re just being polite before they make up some story about having to go home and wash their dog or something. We know you don’t have a dog, Karen, stop lying to us!

Cats, dogs, koalas, monkeys and everything else that’s cute and cuddly - we’ve got it, ready for wear, on our amazing quality cotton t-shirts. The animal t-shirts in our shop feature everything from dabbing unicorns to sloths in space suits and much more, printed in some of the best art-house design, colour, and style you’ve ever seen. These aren’t just animal t-shirts - they’re works of art, each and every one!

All of our animal t-shirts are printed on ethically sourced 100% combed cotton with a 15% viscose weave. This design offers unparalleled durability and colour reproduction, offering the blackest black, the whitest white, and the most vibrant colours in-between, all while providing a shirt with hard-wearing comfort. Shop these shirts and know that they’re the best, capable of lasting forever and then some!

The animal kingdom is wide and varied, and so are people. That’s why we offer mens and womens sizes for all our shirts! Mens shirts begin at size S and go all the way to 4XL while womens shirts start at size XS and go through size 2XL. Animals come in all sizes, so our shirts do, too - whether you’re a little mousie or a big ol’ tiger, we’ve got apparel that will fit you to a tee, pun intended.

When you shop Threadheads, you know you’re getting a quality shirt. For best results, we create all our apparel right here in Australia before shipping it out at our Melbourne-based print shop. Shipping is available locally to all of Australia and New Zealand and internationally as well. Be aware that international shipping times can vary!

We’re convinced that you’ll find the perfect shirt for you at Threadheads. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every piece of apparel we carry in our shop. If you aren’t perfectly satisfied with your purchase, send it back to us and we’ll exchange it for free. That’s the Threadheads difference!