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What does getting a tattoo of ‘weeb’ on your butt and changing to a sushi-only diet have in common? I mean, I love a spicy tuna roll as much as the next sushi chowhound.
But they’re tremendously absurd ways to show your love for all things Japanese. You could, instead, cover yourself in your favourite obsession without taking it a step too far. Let’s talk anime shirts.

What’s this about an Anime Shirt?

You’re probably sitting there, in front of your screen, perhaps even triple-screening—the television, the laptop, and the phone—rethinking your decision to get that butt tattoo. We get it. You love anime.
You drive a Toyota Sprinter that's identical to Takumi Fujiwara’s in Initial D. You eat ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You eat sushi for dessert. And getting a tattoo of the words 'weeb' on your derriere was the perfect pronouncement of your Japanophilia to your future paramours. Heck, you’re probably so crazy about Japan that you print out pictures of Sailor Moon and Monkey D. Luffy, shred them up, and sprinkle them on your ramen.
Now, we’re not scolding you for making these obsessive, impassioned decisions. At Threadheads, we’re advocates of individuality. But sometimes, we think that most of life’s problems can be solved by wearing t-shirts (instead of getting butt tattoos). (Unless it’s a tattoo that says ‘coin slot’ with an arrow pointing to you know where.)
We’re a little biassed, of course. Butt, you should totally check out our smorgasbord of Anime Shirts, Anime Hoodies, and Anime Totes. Believe what you will, but these may or may not be the product of overloading our designers with ramen and chaining them to their desks.

Are you really as much of an otaku as you think you are? Anime T-Shirts. Yass.

We can tell you love anime and manga. Why else would you be on this page? Why else would you be reading this nonsense that our marketing team cooked up on a Sunday night while bingeing episodes of One Piece? Why else would you be giggle snorting and thinking to yourself: “ERMAHGERD that’s totally me”?
If you’re lost, and if you’d rather look at bin chickens and fornicating pieces of toast, this is your one chance to leave. Head over to our funny garments—they're right up your alley.
But if you’re not lost, and you are looking to announce your love of anime and manga to the world, it’s time you checked out our Japan-inspired goodies. Because we don’t want you to be that person at manga night. You know, the one in a plain t-shirt. (And not wearing deodorant. Well, mainly not wearing deodorant.)

Give me the noods. Give me the noods. Other anime merch.

Please ramen calm. And tell us: what would you rather—a spicy bowl of noods or your partner sending n00dz? We don’t know about you, but we’d choose a bowl of ramen any day of the week.
Gimme the noods, gimme the noods, I’m a bad, bad, bad noodle-lover. (These words have nothing to do with that rapper whose name rhymes with Biggie Bowls.)
Anyhoo, you don’t need to be an anime graphic t-shirt fanatic to shop for anime merch. You could stop, rame, n’ roll with ramen stickers or ramen and anime totes.

Will my life be any different if I wore an Anime Hoodie?

We have a made-up saying at Threadheads: “It’s not how big it is, it’s how big your ramen bowls are when you’re wearing your Anime Hoodie.” What does this mean? Absolutely nothing.
Now, here’s how your life could be different while wearing an anime hoodie. You could:
  1. Steal your neighbour’s Shiba Inu.
  2. Eat a sperm whale’s worth of sushi.
  3. Tell your sister that she smells like soy sauce. And you like it.
  4. Literally anything. We don’t know why you want us to tell you.
We’re not saying you should do this, but we’re just giving you options. Try at your own risk.

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