Gear up and get ready to embark on an adventure with Naruto with this Threadheads x Naruto collection.


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Konoha Shinobi Mug | ThreadheadsKonoha Shinobi Mug | Threadheads
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Naruto Mug | ThreadheadsNaruto Mug | Threadheads
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Itachi Mug | ThreadheadsItachi Mug | Threadheads
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Do you secretly dream of becoming a Hokage while at the self-serve checkout buying Nissin (read: Ichiraku) ramen packets? Do you tell your boss you have explosive diarrhoea just so you can practise hand signs in the bathroom cubicle? We know that feeling. Those non-Naruto lovers—they’d never understand

Unfortunately, we can’t Jumanji you into an episode of Naruto so you can live out your wildest fantasies. That’s silly, but cool, but silly. And probably illegal. We don’t know. We’ll get back to you. But—hold on to your headbands (forehead protectors…?)—these Threadheads x Naruto t-shirts, hoodies, wall art poster prints, and other ninja-worthy goodies will get you one step closer to Rasengan-ing your enemies.

Choose Your Favourite Shinobi: Naruto Hoodies, Itachi Uchiha T-Shirts, and Gaara Tote Bags in Australia

Whichever way your headband points—whether you're a Sasuke Superfan, a Naruto-holic or a Kakashi cuddler (...?)—there's official Threadheads x Naruto merch for you. 
Although it's not your regular, i-found-this-on-wish-dot-com-but-i'm-telling-everyone-it's-official official Naruto merch. Our official Naruto tee shirts, Naruto jumpers, and Naruto hoodies are designed exclusively at Threadheads in collaboration with Masashi Kishimoto and Shueisha. 
What's more, they feel and look official. Think more cuddly and softer than if you'd combined Kurama's nine tails into one fluffy fluffball. Think so sharp, so vibrant, and so durable that our graphic Naruto prints could withstand a Rasenshuriken (or, you know, several runs in the washing machine). And think Naruto Akatsuki hoodies and jumpers so cosy that you won't need to learn that fire-release Jutsu you've been practising on your neighbour's cat. 
Okay, now back to the important stuff. You're probably scratching your head(bands) trying to figure out which Shinobi you are. Well, soon-to-be-shinobi, your Old Monk's Prayer has been answered. So skip the star signs, and use our bespoke shinobi-scope to choose the perfect shinobi-rific Naruto merch for you. 
  1. Naruto Uzumaki: You’re the ramen-slurping underdog with boundless energy and a bottomless appetite for ramen. You might not be the sharpest kunai in the pouch, but you make up for it in attitude. Peep this Naruto Ramen Hoodie.
  2. Itachi Uchiha: You’re equal parts brains, skills, and smouldering good looks—so smouldering, in fact, that you make Shawn Mendes look like Jonathan—the world’s oldest tortoise. And you have a heart-wrenching backstory that would make the Wiggles weep. Peep this Itachi Uchiha Hoodie.
  3. Kakashi Hatake: You’re the Hokage-equivalent of Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid—cool, calm, collected with a tasty wild side. You can dish out one-liners faster than Kevin Hart, and you were wearing face masks before we had to stay 1.5 m apart. Peep this Kakashi Tote Bag.
  4. Gaara: You’re a sand-wielding softie with a face tattoo that reads self-love. You have to put up a tough exterior as the Fifth Kazekage, but all you want to do is make sandcastles on the beach. Peep this Gaara Stonewash Tee.
  5. Sasuke Uchicha: You’re the baddest, most mysterious of them all—like that Eliza Rose song, but worse. You’ve got an irresistible charm and a heart of gold. And you’ll do anything for those you love, even if you never admit it. Peep this Nartuo vs. Sasuke T-Shirt.

Chatting Up Fellow Shinobi: The Naruto Tee Shirt Ice Breaker

Ever locked peepers with a stranger donning a Naruto tee shirt or a Naruto tote bag? Ever wanted to strike up a conversation with that mysterious stranger but never had the courage of Naruto to do so? Worry not, fellow shinobi! 
With these conversation-starting Naruto graphic tees and hoodies, you’ll find yourself Ransengan-ing each other in the bathroom cubicle in no time. Or, you know, debating your favourite Sannin, Jutsu, or Tailed Beasts.
So, easily flaunt your fandom and spot a fellow Naruto-holic from a mile away. Then, instantly bond over your love for everything Naruto (including your matching Naruto tees).

Naruto T-Shirts, Hoodies & Jumpers in Australia: Designed Exclusively In Threadheads’ Hidden Leaf Village and Printed On Demand.

Alright, you got us. There's no such thing as Threadhead's Hidden Leaf Village. It's just our official Threadheads HQ located near the beach (or a brothel, depending on how you look at things). 
Don't get your chakra in a twist, you ramen-slurping, shadow-clone-summoning Naruto-holics, you. 
However, we print all our Threadheads x Naruto merch on demand using eco-friendly printing techniques. Plus, our Naruto t-shirts are whipped up exclusively in-house by our team of artistic geniuses who fuse their Naruto passion with their one-of-a-kind creative magic. You won't find these bad boys at your local ninja supply store or on some sketchy corner of the internet.
So, grab your kunai, strap on your headband, and snag one of our exclusive Threadheads x Naruto tees, hoodies, tote bags, poster prints or jumpers now. From trying to perfect your Chidori on the living room wall or doing hand signs better than eshay in Western Sydney to dressing up your horse as Kokuō, you can do anything and everything in these shinobi-approved goodies. 
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