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Laughter is the best medicine. Or, as Charlie Chaplin put it, “Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain”. I don’t know what Charlie had to go through, but clearly, he hasn’t experienced IBS or sampled our funny shirts.
Now, I’m not saying that a funny shirt can cure spontaneous bowel movements, but I am saying that it could distract your friends and lovers from those stomach noises that sound more like a tyrannosaurus rex hugging a pigmy hippo. Do you want to know how we cook up our funny t-shirt sayings?

Here’s How We Cook Up Funny T-Shirt Sayings

It’s really simple. Think sand between your toes simple. Think eating a whole bucket of popcorn chicken in one sitting and then hating yourself simple. Think rubbing a bald gentleman’s head to see if a genie comes out of his nostrils simple. Okay, maybe just the first two.
What do we do to cook up our funny t-shirt sayings? We sit around a blackjack table each Monday. Why Monday? Why not Tuesday? Or Wednesday, or even Friday? It’s because we’re always trying really hard to avoid being sad on Monday. Sad backwards is das, and das not good.
And it’s not that we like blackjack. We’re not even gamblers. We just firmly believe that sitting in a semicircle is better for productivity. And it’s a great way to get employees to yell “Hit Me!” without getting Janice from HR involved.
Once we’ve spent a few hours consensually hitting each other, we’ll move actually step into the Threadheads kitchen and put our chef’s hats on. Our in-house design team tries to think of hilarious, quirky, humorous, cheeky, and funny tee shirts for men and funny tee shirts for women.
And you know what? According to Hairy Charlie, they are the best funny shirts on the internet. Who is Hairy Charlie? He’s the loiterer who hangs outside our Melbourne HQ once every quarter, usually around the time we set our OKRs, because he likes to give us unsolicited advice. But, to be honest, whatever Hairy Charlie says is pretty accurate. Apparently, he was the one who predicted that Jason Lee (that guy from My Name is Earl) would name his kid Pilot Inspektor. If that’s not prescient, I don’t know what is!
Are you following so far? Probably not. We are a bit weird. It’s why our funny tee shirts for adults are so popular. Humour is like our bread and butter, basically. Unless you’re a vegan or you’re gluten-intolerant, in which case, humour is our vegan and gluten-free alternative to bread and butter. And don’t worry—no animals were harmed in making our funny tee shirts for men and funny tee shirts for women.

Do you hate laughing?

After reading all this poppycock, if you’re not convinced, perhaps tee shirts with funny sayings aren’t for you. And that’s totally fine. Threadheads is a pop-culture institution. So we don’t just make funny shirts. We make Astro Boy t-shirts, cat t-shirts, Sonic the Hedgehog t-shirts, poop art t-shirts, and even stickers. Pick your poison. You can’t go wrong.

Creatives Getting Well...Creative In Tee Shirts With Funny Sayings

Of course, it would be terrible for us to overlook the League of Extraordinary Artists, who use their supernormal abilities to conjure up these comical designs. They are the artistic Jedis that we collaborate with, often hailing from foreign lands.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, the affordances of 21st-century technology. Not only can we work with internationally recognised artists, thanks to the modern age, but we can also use VPNs to get up to all sorts of mischief on the internet.
Anyhoo, these artists are also masters in the dark arts of funny shirts and apparel. Without them, our funny collection would probably be 50% less funny. We’d also be 50% more likely to go out of business. No doubt that’s where the laughing would stop. Gosh, this got dark quickly. We may need some anti-depressants.

The Greatest Funny Shirts Collection On The Internet...

...that even granny will love more than her hard candies. Hopefully, you get the picture. Finally, to wrap it all up in a pretty little bow: in-house talent mixed with faraway freelances churning out funny designs like it’s a sausage factory.
We print our funny designs on premium, ethically-sourced garments because we’re a bunch of tree-hugging hippies. Despite Woodstock ending 50-odd years ago, we still embody that free-love, shoot-sunflowers-not-bullets attitude—reflected in our range of sizes from tiny humans all the way up to big humans. So chunky, lanky, or fine, there’s a Threadheads funny shirt for you.

Funny Shirts For Adults, Shipped Worldwide

No matter where you hide out on the globe, we will find you and ship to you. If you read that as if Liam Neeson was threatening you over the phone—achievement, unlocked.
Wear them, enjoy them, and probably don’t show them to your granny (unless she’s a deviant, in which case we love that). We did say that she’ll love them more than her hard candies, but you might be heading to struggle town if you show her this bad boy.

Threadheads, Creative T-Shirt Makers to Give You a Laugh

Whether you need gifts for your deranged cousin or your even more deranged boss, we’ve got a funny shirt design to fit the bill. So find a funny graphic tee that makes you smile and get ordering. Or, you know, buy a coaster instead.